Albufeira has long been known as a beach destination resort, in fact, as long ago as the 60’s, Albufeira was a touristic hotspot. Covering an area of around 20 kms of gorgeous, golden sandy beaches, there are loads of beaches to choose from with some being more suitable than others for young children or people with restricted mobility. There are so many things to do in Albufeira, and the beaches shouldn’t be missed!

In this guide, we will try to cover the points that should help you find your perfect, Albufeira beach.



Praia dos Pescadores

 If you’re in the old town, this is the most accessible beach to get to by foot.  Big enough to cope with the huge influx of visitors in the summer and small enough that you can see the end of it.

How to get there – Walking is best.

Parking – Close by at the top of the escalator or in the old town but generally at a cost and can be tricky in high season.

Access – There are tunnels, a lift and escalators that will bring you down to sea level and then you can get on to the beach, either via a sloped embankment or steps.

Lifeguards – Yes, during the season.

Tips – As the beach is bustling in the summer with a mixture of party goers and families, it’s advisable to get there early.

Are there sunbeds for hire? – Yes

Are there showers and toilets? – Toilets, yes, showers, no.

In the zone – Numerous bars and restaurants which are surprisingly very good value.

Good for – Water sports, families, teenagers, groups of friends and socialising.

Location –  37°05’11.0″N 8°14’55.2″W

Praia dos Pescadores. Photo by Blog Louletania

Praia da Oura

 Located east of the old town in the Areias de São João neighborhood, this beach predominately services the busy Oura area of Albufeira that is home to the main bars and clubs on The Strip.  Surrounded by the beautiful rock formations and spanning, just short of a kilometer of golden sand, this beach usually attracts the younger crowd, making it famous for teenagers, stag and hen parties in Albufeira.

How to get there? – Walking is best.

Parking – Limited, as it’s a residential area.

Access – Easy

Lifeguards – Yes, in season.

Tips – Get there early.

Are sunbeds for hire? – Yes.

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes.

In the zone – Bars and restaurants are available on the beach and in surrounding areas.

Good for – Younger crowd and water sports.

Location –  37°05’10.3″N 8°13’33.6″W

Praia da Oura Photo by Praias de Portugal

Praia da Galé

One of the few beaches that aren’t set inside the cliffs, Galé is a lovely long stretch of beach with Dunes and a fabulous selection of beach bars along with the 2 Michelin Star Boutique Hotel Vila Joyas’ beach bar, foodies will be spoilt for choice. To the east, there are shallow pools, and unusual rock formations and the western area is more open.

How to get there? – Drive.

Parking – There’s free parking.

Access – Easy. No steps or cliffs to navigate.

Lifeguards – Yes, in the Summer.

Tips – Great for a relaxing day at the beach exploring the dunes.

Are sunbeds for hire? –  Yes.

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes.

In the zone – Many good restaurants

Good for – Chilling out, eating good food and exploring.

Location – 37°04’54.8″N 8°19’02.5″W

Praia da Galé Photo by Portugal Live

Praia do Barranco das Belharucas

Heading towards Vilamoura, you’ll find this beautiful, long, wide beach with a few restaurants dotted along the way. A quieter beach than many in the area, and well worth a visit to see the beautiful contrasting colours or the cliffs, sea and sand.

How to get there? – By car or a lovely longish stroll from Vilamoura.

Parking – Yes, periodically.

Access – Walking through slightly overgrown, wild and rugged land.

Lifeguards – Yes, during the season.

Tips – If you plan to walk to Vilamoura, take some water with you as the rest

stops are spaced out.

Are sunbeds for hire? – No.

Are there showers and toilets? – Not public ones but the restaurants have facilities for their patrons.

In the zone – Nature and wildlife.

Good for – Relaxing, families and couples. Also great for walkers.

Location – 37°05’27.7″N 8°10’59.8″W

Praia do Barranco das Belharucas Photo by fifidossaltosaltos

Praia dos Olhos de Água

A super, quaint little town that dips into the cliffs and has a lovely little beach, ideally suited to people who enjoy a relaxed holiday without all the flashing lights. There’s some beautiful rocks and cliffs to break up the sea and sand.

How to get there? – Drive and park in the car park near the main road.

Parking – Not too bad.

Access – Easy.

Lifeguards – Yes, during the season.

Tips – Get there early, it’s a lovely beach, but not very wide, so if you’re after a good spot, you’ll have to be quick.

Are sunbeds for hire? – No.

Are there showers and toilets? – No.

In the zone – Lots of bars and restaurants and some cute shops.

Good for – Chilling out.

Location – 37°05’23.3″N 8°11’26.0″W

Olhos de Água Photo by Albufeira

Praia da Falésia

A long, stretching golden beach with stunning views all around. The cliffs are high here and act as a windbreaker, so great for sunbathing. Very popular with locals.

How to get there? – By car or walking (it’s a bit of a hike from Albufeira but doable).

Parking – A reasonable amount of parking is available.

Access – Not very easy with lots of steps.

Lifeguards – Yes, during the season.

Tips – The water can be quiet shallow, so great for kids and paddling. Also, it feels slightly warmer due to the depth, making it more comfortable.

Are sunbeds for hire? – Yes.

Are there showers and toilets? – Only toilets.

In the zone – Restaurant/bars are dotted along the coast, and the town has decent facilities.

Good for – Hang around for the sunset from the cliffs, it’s pretty special.

Location – N 37° 4′ 45.5694″ , W 8° 8′ 32.2548″

Praia da Falésia Photo by Algarve Tourism

Praia de São Rafael

A picturesque, sandy beach that’s surrounded by a series of dramatic rock formations known as Ponte Pequena and the Ninho das Andorinhas. This pretty beach has good access and is less crowded than the main beaches in the area.

How to get there? – Car, bicycle, scooter, taxi, Uber. Head west away from Albufeira

Parking – Yes, but can be tricky in high season.

Access – Wheelchair accessible.

Lifeguards – Yes, during the season.

Tips – If you head off to the right of the beach, you’ll find a small waterfall.

Are sunbeds for hire? Yes.

Are there showers and toilets? Yes.

In the zone – Bar and restaurant.

Good for – Snorkeling and water sports.

Location. 37°04’29.4″N 8°16’49.7″W

Praia de São Rafael. Photo by Guia da Cidade

Praia dos Salgados

Rather contrasting with the other beaches of Albufeira, the backdrop of cliffs and dunes offer shade from the Atlantic to the Salgados Lagoon, a stopover for migrating birds and some protected species.

How to get there? – Driving.

Parking – Yes.

Access – Easy.

Lifeguards – Yes, during the Summer.

Tips – Take a cooler box and make a day of it.

Are sunbeds for hire? – Yes.

Are there showers and toilets? – Yes.

In the zone – Restaurants, boat hire.

Good for – Birdwatching, water sports, swimming, surfing and bodyboarding.

Location – 37°05’19.1″N 8°19’45.7″W

Salgados Photo by Algarve Tourism

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